Bridesmaids Trends in 2019

This year, we have been seeing our brides gravitate towards new trends for bridesmaids dresses. As the women who will stand next to the bride on her most important day, the goal is for bridesmaids to not only coordinate with the bride, but also embody the look and feel of her big day.


Mixed Neutrals

The use of neutral tones for bridesmaids gained popularity towards the end of 2018, and this trend is not going anywhere. These toned-down colors are the perfect contrast to bright bouquets, and also make the bride stand out even more. Another benefit? We all know neutral tones are never going out of style!


Different tones of pink and beige are gorgeous together, especially with these three Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses.


This bride chose a pink-hued nude color for her maids, with pops of blush flowers.

The combination is romantic, soft, and simply stunning.


Mixed Materials

Using different materials for your bridal party adds texture and sophistication to the ensemble. A combination of satin & chiffon or velvet & chiffon have been especially popular, and gives such a gorgeous look for your bridal party!


Here, these Sorella Vita bridesmaids are wearing a combination of Satin & Chiffon in the lovely shade of Rosewood.


For these forest green bridesmaid dresses, chiffon fabric is paired with velvet straps and belts, providing definition and contrast.


Blush and Burgundy

This romantic palate has been extremely popular, as are many different versions of mixed hues. Pair a variety of warm pink tones with cool tones of greenery and tuxes for a stunning wedding party look.


Rose and burgundy hues are so gorgeous in this wedding. The depth of this color palate provides visual appeal and flirty fun!


These three bridesmaids dresses compliment each other and also make for some stunning wedding photos.



This season we have seen many bridesmaids parties going for a halter top neckline. The tapering of the straps can be very flattering for different body shapes, making it a popular choice!


This bridal party is dawning matching halter top dresses for a clean and cohesive appearance. A soft neutral champagne tone adds to the elegance of this look.


These bridesmaids dresses are not identical, but all have the matching aspect of the haltered top to tie them all together. This trend is very flattering to many body types, and the mix and match style is perfect for any bridal party theme!


Halters, neutrals, blushes, and mixing fabric styles are just a few of the trends we are seeing emerge for 2019. We look forward to seeing these trends on some gorgeous wedding parties this Spring and Summer!