The Bouquets of Spring/Summer 2019

The bouquet is a very essential aspect of the wedding – it is the focal point of many pictures and brings together the colors of the wedding. The trends are going in two distinct directions – the subtlety of greenery and the statement of bright colors. There are more alternative versions of the bouquet, involving succulents, wildflowers, and new styles of arrangement. There are also modern takes on the more traditional bouquet, bringing a sense of elegance to the event. Each of the following trends are gorgeous and bring a stunning look to each wedding.



A current trend is the use of simple ivory flowers and greenery to create a stunning bouquet. Often, they are accentuated by blush or pastel purple flowers, giving a hit of color to contrast.

Floral Arrangement: Flowers by Kristine

This bouquet is from one of our preferred vendors, Flowers by Kristine. The beautiful arrangement of poppies, roses, ferns, and other flowers give it a simple, yet gorgeous, effect.

Photography: Wright Photos, Floral Arrangement: Flowers by Kristine

This bouquet is from the styled shoot by Wright Photos at Pear Tree. This arrangement has white roses and ranunculus, giving the greenery a beautiful background to create the perfect bouquet.


Pops of Color

This season is seeing a comeback of bright and vibrant colors that make an elegant statement. The use of bright and large flowers makes a wonderful opportunity for stunning photos on the most important day!


This bouquet’s mixture of bright pinks and oranges with the more subtle cool tones of green and blue make a chic statement.


The orange mixed in with the purples and blushes makes flirty bouquet perfect for a summer’s evening.



An alternative trend that has become more popular has been that of a succulent bouquet. The green shades of the succulents are offset by purples, pinks, or other complementary hues.


The lavender sprigs in this succulent-focused bouquet gives a fresh look that smells delightful and looks perfect for the nature-loving bride.


The muted tones of the succulents mixed with delicate white flowers are stunning here. This bouquet is the most delightful combination of pastels, a perfect spring bouquet!



Wildflower bouquets create a wild and color look, one that can range from large bunches to a small group of breathtaking flowers.


This large bouquet cascades with bright and delicate flowers and greenery, creating a gorgeous statement.


The daisies, as the focal point of this bouquet, gives this look a touch of spring, giving balance to the blues and deep reds of the other flowers.